Retail loss prevention

Loss Prevention Unit

Our loss prevention guards are exposed to the same extensive training and ongoing programs as our uniformed guards. Certain retail environments only require a visual deterrent, such as a uniformed security guard to patrol the store and reduce theft-related occurrences. Working with our plainclothes investigators or on their own our uniformed retail guards can reduce your retail loss experience dramatically.

Plainclothes Retail Investigators

Our loss prevention investigators are dressed in casual attire. They walk the store and blend in with your normal customers. When a theft occurs and the suspect is arrested and a full occurrence report is filled out. We will also take a photo of the offender then ban them from your property.

For major retail chains this is most beneficial because when someone is arrested for a theft related matter they can be banned not only from your location but other sites owned by your company as well.

Third Party Loss Prevention

During peak retail periods major chains often require additional loss prevention staff to work on a temporary basis alongside their own in-house loss prevention team. We can easily supply your team with well-trained investigators to eliminate the constant need of hiring extra staff for temporary work.

Some major chains require additional third party investigators to work on an ongoing basis to reduce their hiring needs. TFS can also provide you with a steady supply of rotating loss prevention investigators who remain anonymous to shoplifters.