Parking Control

Licensed Parking Enforcement Officers

Parking Enforcement is a large problem in the Toronto area. Task Force Security hasĀ Uniformed Parking Enforcement Officers, licensed and trained by Toronto Police Services.

All officers are trained in legal issues regarding ticketing and towing unlawfully parked vehicles on private property!

Parking Enforcements

Many of our customers have private parking lots and it is important to keep the lots in order.

Example of lots are:

  • Visitors Parking Only
  • Parking By Permit Only
  • Derelict or other illegally parked Vehicles
  • Fire Zone and Handicap Parking Violations
  • Residence Parking Only (Underground or Above)

Visitors Parking Permits

Task Force Security has a program setup for visitors parking permits over the telephone. This is setup for residents having visitors staying overnight can register their vehicles if the property allows this. This is very important for private lots to stop others from occupying vital parking spaces.

Example of this are:

  • Visitors Parking Only
  • Parking By Permit Only
  • No Parking for 2am – 7am