Mobile Patrol Services

Mobile Patrol Services

Mobile Patrol Services consists of Security Guards patrolling your property in a Mobile Vehicle and by foot if required. Mobile guards do static patrols, scheduled patrols and first responders.

Marked and Unmarked

Our vehicle fleet consists of high profile marked vehicles as well as low profile unmarked vehicles. Security Guards providing mobile patrol services are highly trained and are very effective in deterring criminal activities over a large area or exterior in the high profile vehicle.

The unmarked vehicles are used at the clients request and mainly to catch the criminal in the act, is very effective at this as the security guard can sit in the vehicle and not be subjected to the criminals visibility. This system assists Task Force Security in reducing parking garage and parking lots criminal activities by 100%, stopping the problem at the base and apprehending the criminals in the act.

Mobile patrol vehicles can be used in many instances such as these:


  • Alarm Responders
  • Large Parking Lots
  • Multiple Locations
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Neighborhood Patrols
  • Commercial Properties
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Mobile Parking Control
  • Retail Plaza’s / Malls
  • High Risk Parking Garages
  • Visual Deterrent (Parked or Mobile)
  • On Site Guard Assistance